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Transactional SMS Promotional SMS
Frequently Asked Questions

Transactional SMS
Transactional SMS

1. What is Transactional Bulk SMS?

Transactional Bulk SMS also called as SMS (Short Messaging Service) which has the additional features like Identity on who is Sending (Six Character SENDER ID), 24x7x365 Days of Delivery. Most advantages of Transactional SMS is, it can deliver on DND & Non-DND Numbers both.

There may be the delay or ban on Promotional Bulk SMS but never be delay or ban on Transactional Bulk SMS because it´s playing crucial role on 90% of Indian Business.

Even forget or testing purpose also you can send any promotional sms on Transactional Route it becomes legal complaint as per Govt. Rule(TRAI).

2. What are the Advantages of Transactional SMS?

There are certain advantages and unique features on Transactional SMS which is not available on Promotional Bulk SMS.
  • Six Character Sender Id. i.e) LM- PMCRKL, MD-ICICIB, DD-HDFCBA, etc
  • The message can deliver on DND & Non-DND both the numbers across India including J&K.
  • The SMS can be sent 24x7x365 days.
  • The message gets delivered instantly in microseconds without any delay.

3. What is the procedures to have Transactional Bulk SMS?


  • The customer has to sign the agreement stating that this Transactional Bulk SMS Service can be ONLY used to send the communication to their customer and NOT for any promotional activity.
  • Any customer who is availing for this Transactional Bulk SMS they have to authenticate their messages with us before sending the message on this Transactional Route that the messages are nature of transaction and it doesn?t contain any Promotional Content or Keywords or etc.. This process is called as Template Approvals.
  • The customer has to share with us one sample registration copy like their customers are subscribing with them to avail this service.

4. What is Spam Messages on Transactional Bulk SMS?

Without getting any prior template or sender id approval, if there is any message send via Transcational Route the credit will get deducted and the message will struck in outbox itself. Though it can be the valid transactional message if there is any template or sender id is NOT approved it becomes spam message.

5. What is the major difference between Promotional and Transactional Bulk SMS?

Promotional Bulk SMS
  • Promotional Bulk SMS can be ONLY sent on NON-DND Numbers
  • DND Numbers list can be extracted and will not be charged
  • The service is applicable 9AM to 9PM.
  • It works with 6 digit Numeric Sender ID.
Transactional Bulk SMS
  • Message gets delivered to DND & Non-DND Numbers both
  • The service is applicable 24x7x365 days
  • Six Character Sender ID
  • It works on template basis. The templates with 70% of Static Content and 30% Variables